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Exp Victoria 3.png Victoria 3

Banner Victoria 3.jpg

Release date / Patch
2022-10-25 / 1.0

Store: Base game

Paradox Interactive logo.png Victoria 3 is the third installment in the Victoria series developed by Paradox Interactive, following Victoria 2 and Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun. Paradox Development Studio invites you to build your ideal society in the tumult of the exciting and transformative 19th century. Balance the competing interests in your society and earn your place in the sun in Victoria 3, one of the most anticipated games in Paradox’s history.

Game features

Victoria 3 The Ultimate Society Simulator

  • Lead dozens of world nations from 1836-1936. Agrarian or Industrial, Traditional or Radical, Peaceful or Expansionist... the choice is yours.
  • Detailed population groups with their own economic needs and political desires.
  • Reform your government and constitution to take advantage of new social innovations, or preserve the stability of your nation by holding fast to tradition in the face of revolutionaries.
  • Research transformative new technology or ideas to improve your national situation.

Victoria 3 Deep Economic System

  • Expand your industry to take advantage of lucrative goods, taxing the profits to improve national prosperity.
  • Import cheap raw materials to cover your basic needs while finding new markets for your finished goods.
  • Secure vital goods to fuel your advanced economy and control the fate of empires.
  • Balance employing available labor force with the needs for new types of workers.

Victoria 3 Play on a Grand Stage

  • Use your diplomatic wiles to weave a tangled global web of pacts, relations, alliances, and rivalries to secure your diplomatic position on the world stage.
  • Employ threats, military prowess and bluffs to persuade enemies to back down in conflicts.
  • Increase your economic and military strength at the expense of rivals.
  • Accumulate prestige and the respect of your rivals as you build an industrial giant at home or an empire abroad.


Cinematic trailers

Victoria 3: Release trailer. Build your ideal society in the tumult of the exciting and transformative 19th century. Lead dozens of world nations from 1836-1936, use your diplomatic wiles to weave pacts, alliances and rivalries to secure your position on the world stage. Expand your industry using new technology to create lucrative goods, and tax them for the betterment of your nation. Balance the competing interests in your society, and earn your place in the sun in Victoria 3! Politics, Economy, Expansion, Revolution. History is in your hands!
Victoria 3: Pre-order trailer. Claim your place in the sun in Victoria 3. Master politics, industry, trade, diplomacy and war in this revelatory time period between the 19th and 20th century. The Victorians promised a grand tomorrow based on science and industry. Now you get to build it.
Victoria 3: Gameplay trailer. Set in the rapidly moving 19th and early 20th centuries, Victoria 3 is a deep societal simulation, challenging players to develop a nation through industry, trade and political reform while keeping your population content and well-fed.
Victoria 3: Announcement trailer. Shape a grand tomorrow in Victoria 3, Paradox's deepest society simulation ever. Lead your population through the age of exhibitions and steam engines in a grand strategy game about a century of revolution and innovation.

Video diaries

Victoria 3: Gameplay Reveal. Join us on our first proper Victoria 3 stream!
Victoria 3: July 2022 Update. Within this monthly update, we shall enthrall you with a tale weaving through: the Graphics of Victoria 3, our Living Map, the Tutorial and Player Objectives & Agency!
Victoria 3: June 2022 Update. The team talks about the building blocks of society, including: Elections, Parties, Conversion and Assimilation, and Unification.
Victoria 3: May 2022 Update. The team talks about the building blocks of society, including: Revolutions, Cultural Secessions, American Civil War, and Battles.
Victoria 3: April 2022 Update. The team talks about the building blocks of society, including: Construction, Market Expansion, Trade Routes & Tariffs, Shipping Lanes, and Opium Wars.
Victoria 3: March 2022 Update. The team talks about discovering the world and building marvelous monuments, including: Colonization, Decentralized Nations, Canals & Monuments, and Decisions & Expeditions.
Victoria 3: February 2022 Update. Taking a moment to get an overview of the look and feel of the game., including: User Experience Overview, User Interface Overview, and Journal Entries.
Victoria 3: January 2022 Update. A summary of last month's dev diaries, including: Peace Deals, Technology, and Flags.
Victoria 3: December 2021 Update. A summary of last month's dev diaries focusing on the warfare systems in the game, including: The Concept of War, Fronts & Generals, Navies & Admirals, and The Cost of War.
Victoria 3: November 2021 Update. A summary of last month's dev diaries, including: Rank and Prestige, Relations, Infamy and Interests, Diplomatic Actions, and Diplomatic Plays.
Victoria 3: October 2021 Update. A summary of last month's dev diaries, including: Standard of Living, Political Movements, Slavery, States, and Migration.
Victoria 3: September 2021 Update. A summary of last month's dev diaries, including: National Markets, Infrastructure, Employment & Qualifications, and Treasury.
Victoria 3: August 2021 Update. A summary of last month's dev diaries, including: Groups, Laws, and Institutions.
Victoria 3: July 2021 Update. A look at what has been going on in the first batch of dev diaries, including: Pops, Capacities, Buildings, Goods, and Production Methods.
Victoria 3: Game Vision. Population management, Society Building, Conflicts and Diplomacy: a grand tomorrow begins with a grand vision. In this video, Game Director Martin Anward and Lead Game Designer Mikael Andersson tell us about the Game Vision for Victoria 3.
PDXCON Remixed: Vickynomics. Economy plays a key part in many PDS games, and especially so in Victoria 3! In this panel from PDXCON, Lead Game Designer Mikael Anderson and QA Lead Paul Depre take a deep dive into the economics in Victoria 3.
PDXCON Remixed: The Art of Victoria 3. Meet Victoria 3 Art Director Max Elmberg Sjöholm and get a glimpse of what Victoria 3 looks like!
PDXCON Remixed: Together for Victoria. Victoria as a series has a lot of history. In this PDXCON Panel Martin Anward, Dan Lind and Henrik Hansson share some stories from the early days of Victoria.
PDXCON Remixed: Welcome to Victoria. In this panel from PDXCON, Game Director Martin Anward and Lead Game Designer Mikael Andersson have a chat about the Design Pillars upon which Victoria 3 is being built.

Dev diaries

Main article: Developer diaries

All developer diaries about Victoria III (base game).

No. Title and Link Description Date
63 Audio ..... 2022-10-19
62 QA on Victoria 3 ..... 2022-10-12
61 Data Visualization ..... 2022-10-05
60 Modding ..... 2022-09-28
59 AI ..... 2022-09-21
58 Interest Revisions An expansion of the interest mechanic described in dev diary 19, especially the relation between naval power and interests. 2022-09-14
57 The Journey So Far An overview of the game mechanics and the player experience, as well as the process by which we arrived at the current version of the game. 2022-08-31
56 Cultures and Religions On how taboos and obsessions work and the interplay between cultures, religions and discrimination 2022-08-24
55 Achievements A presentation of 45 out of the 50 achievements present in the game at release as well as game rules such as modding or iron man. 2022-08-17
54 Trade Revisions The second dev diary on the topic of trade, specifically how trade routes between two markets have been revorked. 2022-08-10
53 Characters How the different characters can affect politics, warfare and economy as politicians, generals and leaders. 2022-08-03
52 Player Objectives The various different optional player objectives and how they work. 2022-06-29
51 Tutorial A presentation of the in-game tutorial and how it is tied to the main part of the game. 2022-06-22
50 Living Map How the visual aspects of the maps including buildings, cities and roads will change based on how the game world develops. 2022-06-15
49 Graphic Overview The considerations in presenting information through the graphics. 2022-06-08
48 Unification The decisions, mechanics and diplomacy of forming ordinary and major unification 2022-05-24
47 Conversion and Assimilation How pops change religion and culture over time based on the laws of the country 2022-05-18
46 Political Parties How interest groups can work together in political parties 2022-05-11
45 Elections How elections start, are run and finish as well as how the following government is formed 2022-05-04
44 Battles A look at how each individual battle in wars play out 2022-04-27
43 The American Civil War The journal entries, events etc related to slavery and the civil war in USA 2022-04-20
42 Cultural Secessions How minority cultures might take up arms for independence 2022-04-13
41 Revolutions How the population might rise in armed uprisings and civil wars 2022-04-06
40 Opium Wars The journal entries, events etc related to opium concumpsion and the related diplomatic and political effects of the chinese opium crisis 2022-03-30
39 Shipping Lanes The purpose and mechanics of ports, trade routes, shipping and convoys 2022-03-23
38 Trade Routes & Tariffs The mechanics of trade, trade laws, treaty ports, and more. 2022-03-16
37 Market Expansion Expansion of markets and the mechanics of Customs Unions. 2022-03-09
36 Construction The construction industry, construction capacity, and the mechanics of building in Victoria III. 2022-03-02
35 Decisions & Expeditions A look at decisions as well as the mechanics behind expeditions. 2022-02-23
34 Canals & Monuments A look at the unique buildings of Monuments and Canals. 2022-02-16
33 Decentralized Nations A deep dive into the non-playable decentralized nations. 2022-02-09
32 Colonization The mechanics and gameplay of colonization. 2022-02-02
31 Journal Entries Journal entries, events, and the content delivery system. 2022-01-26
30 User Interface Overview An overview of the 2D art and the User Interface of Victoria III. 2022-01-19
29 User Experience A deep dive into the user experience including nested tooltips, charts, tutorials, and accessibility. 2022-01-12
28 Flags A look at flags and the dynamic flag generation. 2021-12-15
27 Technology The new technology system. 2021-12-08
26 Peace Deals Bilateral peace deals and how to negotiate an end to wars. 2021-12-01
25 The Cost of War The cost of warfare and how Victoria III models the long-lasting effects of conflict. 2021-11-24
24 Navies and Admirals Navies and their strategic importance. 2021-11-17
23 Fronts and Generals The core mechanics of land warfare: Fronts, Generals, Battalions, and Mobilization. 2021-11-10
22 The Concept of War A discussion on the design pillars of Warfare in Victoria III. 2021-11-03
21 Diplomatic Plays A first look into Diplomatic Plays, the signature diplomatic feature in Victoria III. 2021-10-27
20 Diplomatic Actions The types of diplomatic actions that a country can undertake and the various different diplomatic pacts possible including vassals. 2021-10-20
19 Relations and Infamy National relations, infamy, and strategic interests. Note that interests where later revised and described in dev diary 58. 2021-10-13
18 Rank & Prestige National rankings and the mechanic of prestige. 2021-10-07
17 Migration Intra-market and mass migration, and how migrants are attracted. 2021-09-30
16 States A deeper dive into States, the main political and geographical unit in Victoria III. 2021-09-23
15 Slavery The representation of slavery in Victoria III. 2021-09-16
14 Political Movements Political movements and how Pops make demands to the government. 2021-09-09
13 Standard of Living The standard of living system, wealth, Pop needs, and consumption. 2021-09-02
12 Treasury National income, expenses, gold reserves, and debt. 2021-08-26
11 Employment and Qualifications Pop professions, how and why Pops change professions. 2021-08-19
10 Infrastructure A brief overview of state infrastructure and market access. 2021-08-12
9 National Markets An introduction to the National Market system. 2021-08-05
8 Institutions Institutions, bureaucracy, and government services. 2021-07-29
7 Laws The categories of laws and an overview of legal reform. 2021-07-22
6 Interest Groups Interest groups and how they form the core of Victoria III's political gameplay. 2021-07-01
5 Production Methods The production methods mechanic and how it ties into buildings. 2021-06-24
4 Goods Explaining goods and how they interact with the world of Victoria III. 2021-06-17
3 Buildings A first look at buildings. 2021-06-10
2 Capacities Explaining capacities, the four main "currencies" of Victoria III. 2021-06-03
1 Pops An overview of population mechanics. 2021-05-27
0 The Vision The vision for Victoria III. 2021-05-21