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Government type Absolute monarchy
Ruling party Conservative Faction (conservative)
Capital Tripoli (ID 1612)
Population 27.650
Primary culture Maghrebi
Accepted cultures Bedouin, Tuareg
Literacy 4.7%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized
Tripoli and the bordering nations in 1836

Tripoli is a small Arabia Arabian nation in modern-day Libya. It starts 1836 at war with the nation it was a tributary state of, Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans were taking advantage of great disorder within Tripoli, which had revolts changing its government many times during the past few years. This war is usually the breaking of this tiny African state. Tripoli is considered the hardest country to play as because of its horrible starting position and the war, which will end the game unless the player can overturn a war against a Great Power.

Tripoli has cores on the Ottoman controlled parts of Tripoli. They can technically be pushed in the first war, but that will only make the situation even more difficult. Unlike the other Arab countries, Tripoli has a bunch of accepted cultures including Tuareg, so an Arabia formed with Tripoli will potentially have even more accepted POPs than usual.

The key to winning the war is to tire the opponent out, and make sure, that they lose more to attrition and bad decisions, than you lose by fighting battles. It is advised to take any peacedeal, that does not include full annexation.