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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Transigenti (conservative)
Capital Trieste
Population 30.50 thousand, 122.00 thousand in total
Primary culture North Italian
Accepted cultures
Literacy 10.4 %
National value Order
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Civilized nation

Trieste is a tiny one-province nation that can be released by Austria Austria. It lies at the Gulf of Venice bordering Austrian owned Croatia Croatia and Venice Venice. When released it will be one of the smallest civilized states in the entire game with only Lübeck Lübeck being smaller.

Trieste can form Italy Italy, if it grows strong enough, but that is a very difficult task. The decision Italia Irredenta gives Italy cores on the parts of Italy originally owned by Austria. This includes Trieste. The formation of Italy without Trieste will therefore be a constant existential threat.


There is not a lot of possibilities, but at least the starting position is very safe being completely surrounded by Austria. The only hope of expansion is the ally Austria and attack another nation. The obvious targets are either   Serbia or   Montenegro in the Balkans, one of the other Italian states, which are neither allied with Austria and France or one of the North African States. No matter the choice, the only possible way forward is to lean back and hope that Austria will do all the hard work and pass the war goal to Trieste.