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*in the code it's "schwabing_circles" instead of "the_schwabing_circles".
*in the code it's "schwabing_circles" instead of "the_schwabing_circles".
[[Category:German decisions]]
[[Category:German Decisions]]

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The Siegestor (ca. 1900) in Munich.

The Schwabing Circles is a minor decision for Bavaria Bavaria, South German Federation South German Federation, and Germany Germany.

The migration of the Romani people from Bohemia to other places in Europe encouraged a new kind of unconventional thinking, known as Bohemianism. Schwabing became a popular stay for Bohemians because of its Bohemian quarter. During the time when Prince Regent Luitpold reigned, Schwabing became very popular because of it was the home of numerous, famous artists.

One needs to own Munich, obviously, to make the decision appear. Once appeared, research Expressionism to enact it.

One will gain 21 prestige without any negative effects.

Ingame description

During the reign of Prince Regent Luitpold, the Schwabing area of Munich became known, probably due in large part to the large university and student presence, as a bohemian hub of intellectual activity, drawing to it many modernist artists and authors, from the brothers Mann to Henrik Ibsen to Wassily Kandinsky. Support the Schwabing circles, and watch our prestige rise.

  • in the code it's "schwabing_circles" instead of "the_schwabing_circles".