South German Federation

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South German Federation
Government type N/A
Ruling party N/A
Capital Varies
Population N/A
Primary culture South German
Accepted cultures
Literacy N/A
National value Order
Tech school N/A
Status Civilized

The South German Federation can be formed by Austria,Württemberg, Bavaria or Baden. It is usually Austria who forms it and will later form into Germany if it can take control or influence over the North German states including the powerful Prussia and the French Alsace-Lorraine. To form Germany one have to reduce Prussia to at least secondary power, using the assert hegemony and reduce prestige casus bellis. It is easiest to start up with the assert hegemony. If Prussia drops to secondary power before an assert hegemony war is won, the player has to influence all the German states one by one. South German Federation also has to win a war of unification against France South German is the primary culture and North German is the only accepted culture in South German Federation.