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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Ma Family (Reactionary)
Capital Shangzhou (ID 2062)
Population 7.34 million (29.38 million in total)
Primary culture Beifaren
Accepted cultures
Literacy 3.4 %
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized
China in 1836 with all its substates

Qinghai is a substate of the China China. It lies in the middle of China, bordering only countries which are also either Chinese substates (Yunnan Yunnan, Xinjiang Xinjiang, Mongolia Mongolia) or Chinese vassals (Tibet Tibet). In the east, Qinghai borders directly to their overlord.

If China westernizes before Qinghai, it will be annexed, but if Qinghai manages to do it first, they will become fully independent. China will however still have cores on Xinjiang.

As the ruling family in this substate are Hui people (Chinese Muslims), the state religion is Sunni Islam, although about 80% of the population adhere to Mahayana Buddhism and only 4.1% are Sunnites. Beifaren is the primary culture and makes up for 70.5% of the population, the rest are Nanfaren, Mongol, Tibetan and Asian Minor minorities.

With its male population of 7.34 million and total population of 29.38 million, Qinghai is among the lesser populated Chinese states and thus may be influenced by Great Powers without ultra large negative percent rates due to high population.

Qinghai provinces produce predominantly Coal, but also Cotton, Timber and Grain.