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Government type HM's government
Ruling party Venstre (liberal)
Capital Christiania (ID 313)
Population 301.21 thousand
Primary culture Norwegian
Accepted cultures Sami
Literacy 80%
National value Liberty
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized
Norway was under Swedish rule in 1836

The modern country Norway became independent from Sweden in 1905. In Victoria Norway starts as a part of Sweden Sweden where it unlike its history usually stays.

It can be released and played as. Like the other Scandinavian countries it has the possibility to form Scandinavia Scandinavia. It has to be a great power and get all the other Scandinavian countries in the SOI or invade them. The SOI is by far the easiest way. Watch out for Prussia Prussia as they intend to take Schleswig-Holstein from Denmark Denmark and it is needed to form Scandinavia.

As soon as Norway is released, they can enact a political reform as the upper house is more than 50% liberal.

Norway starts with a very high literacy and Coal.pngcoal and Timber.pngtimber resources to start a decent industry. It is isolated in northern Europe between Denmark and Sweden and they are properly the easiest way to expand. Through military or diplomacy as well.

Colonization is easiest if one unite Scandinavia and inherits Danish Ghana. As an independent nation Norway doesn't have any oblivious colonies to start from. Building the Suez Canal can give the player a starting point but Norway's chances of colonization is far from good if one doesn't make a big effort in annexing North African states.