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Government type HM's Government
Ruling party Conservative Party (Conservative)
Capital Saint John's (ID 74)
Population 21.99 thousand
Primary culture Anglo Canadian
Accepted cultures French Canadian, British
Literacy 30.4%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Civilized
Newfoundland is to the very east of Canada

Newfoundland is a releasable nation is eastern Canada Canada. It is initially held by United Kingdom United Kingdom. It is large in size, but it is only one state. Historically Newfoundland didn't join Canada until 1949.

Newfoundlands only production is Fish.pngfish and Iron.png which frankly isn't the best in the world, but Iron can be used for industry.

In the beginning of the game the population is absolutely tiny, which is the biggest obstacle. It will however receive more due to immigration but it will have a hard time to compete with USA USA or frankly any other nation in the near proximity. It is sandwiched between the two behemoths USA and Great Britain, and will have a hard time expanding. Allying one of the two and attacking Caribien nations like Haiti Haiti or Danish West Indies might be the best bet.

It has both French and British as accepted cultures, so annexing more of Canada is a good long-term goal once Newfound has grown in population. An alliance with Great Britain is radically needed for this goal though.