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Government type Absolute monarchy
Ruling party Voortrekker Partei (Conservative)
Capital Durban (ID 2111)
Population 30.90k
Primary culture Boer
Accepted cultures
Literacy 6.3 %
National value Liberty
Tech school Uncivilized nation
Status Uncivilized nation
A view of Southern Africa with Natalia under Zulu controll

Natalia is a releasable OSM in southern Africa. The Natalia Republic was one of the boer states established in 1838 and was annexed by Britain in 1843. The area is now a part of modern South Africa. It consists only of the province Durban which is initially owned by Zulu Zulu. Even Zulu seems powerful when playing as Natalia and in direct conflict with any nation, let alone Zulu, the Natalian armies won't stand a chance. Natalia starts off with no available brigades and low literacy, it also lacks its accepted cultures (Boer) so it is extremely unlikely that there will be more than one national focus point available throughout the entire game. Evading a war with Zulu is the number 1 priority for Natalia and the second is evading rebels. Keeping relations up with your neighbors, Britain and Zulu, is imperative for the survival of Natalia. If you manage to complete these objectives, it is nigh on impossible to accomplish anything else with Natalia's terrible position.