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Government type Absolute monarchy
Ruling party Restaurazionisti (reactionary)
Capital Lucca
Population 37.00 thousand
Primary culture North Italian
Accepted cultures
Literacy 45 %
National value Order
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Civilized

Lucca is the smallest of the Italian nations, located as a tiny single-province country between Modena Modena and Tuscany Tuscany. It can form Italy Italy if it raises to great power. Lucca is in Austria Austria's sphere of influence alongside Modena and Tuscany. However, in Vanilla they are not in a sphere, making the game significantly harder.

You can actually survive as this tiny state, but only if you exploit the Austrians to attack nations so that your dinky state can have more land. Make sure you dissolve their alliance when you think they're too weak to fight anymore nations. This is a hideous and parasitic strategy, but it is the only strategy that can work in an uncheated game.

Starting by going after the other North Italian states will be best, but it can be hard due to them being in either Austrias sphere making wars impossible or being in Frances sphere making war very hard. Sardinia-Piedmont Sardinia-Piedmont can be a target early in the game before France spheres them. Causing rebels in another Italian states leaves another problem though since rebels forming Italy for Sardinia-Piedmont will most likely annex Lucca.