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A mod (short for modification) is an alteration of the game. There's a large variety of mods, everything from small tweaks to total conversions. This page lists all mods for Vicky 2 that can be downloaded with workable versions. Visit the Mod Matrix for a comparison of mods.

Major overhaul

Mod Link Author Version
POP Demand Mod Sub-forum Naselus, Rylock & team Vanilla, AHD, HoD
New Nations Mod Thread Rylock & team Vanilla, AHD, HoD
Historical Project Mod Moddb page arkhometha HoD
/gsg/Vickymod Reddit FinnBro Vanilla, AHD, HoD
The Victoria 2 Realism & Rebalance Project Sub-forum Konrad Richtmark & team Vanilla, AHD

Balance and Gameplay Mods

  • Age of Colonialism: is a lighter mod aimed at balancing the game without making as many in-depth changes as the other two. It features innovative tech-spread and a number of economic and military balances, while attempting to remain close to the original game. See also thread on Paradox Forums. It is only compatible with vanilla 1.4.
  • Ultimate Mod
  • Ultimate Reboot See in web page [1]
  • SiR Mod
  • New World Order: Game play: 1946-2092. Total technology remake with 250 new technologies, and new inventions. Total political reform remake. New military and naval units. Re-balanced economy and modern factories and production. See also the forum NWO thread.

Graphical Changes

  • SexiiColours: "revitalizes and injects some much-needed flair into the general look of the game through use of the country color."
  • Flag Tweak Mod Pack Conversion: improves variety, historicity, aesthetics, and plausibility of flags
  • Danevang's map fertilizer: Improves the look of the map, primarily the oceans.
  • Modestus' Vic2MapMap: Makes the game map look like a real map see link on the forums

Specialized Mods

  • ZinnMod: A people's-oriented spiritual successor to Chomskymod.

Historical and Flavour Mods


Alternative History