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Government type Absolute monarchy
Ruling party ? (?)
Capital Lübeck
Population ?
Primary culture North German
Accepted cultures
Literacy 70%
National value Order
Tech school ?
Status Civilized nation

Lübeck is a city in northern Germany. The Hanseatic trading capital, the glorious trading city of Lübeck! During the glory days of the Hanseatic Trade League, Lübeck was a city on par with Venice, Pisa, Rome, and Florence. It thrived from the wealth and trade benefited from the League. However with the gradual decline of the The Hanseatic League due to European transatlantic colonization, the Hanseatic League began to decline. The declination of the League meant Lübeck loss its importance to Europe. In the 19th Century, Lübeck lost most of its power and devolved to a petty little German state with little hopes of competing. Once Otto Von Bismarck of Prussia formed the North German Federation, Lübeck was finally annexed. In Victoria it is an independent monarchy and is in Prussias sphere. It can form NGF and Germany like any other German nation.



Lübeck has a doom clock of sorts, Prussia, your sphere leader, can form NGF if it spheres Saxony, Hannover, Schleswig ans Holstein. Luckily you have until the start of the mid games to become a great power and get out of the sphere. What isn't lucky is that to become a great power, you need to have two states. Abuse Prussian alliance to attack likely targets and use your army to occupy at least one province in a war. You should research prestige techs to increase prestige while getting a second state. You are a German OPM which means high literacy for faster research for your country.

Your Location

Lübeck early on can't build navies because it's poor and don't have the kind of budget to spare on an Imperial Hanseatic Navy. What this essentially means is making your state conquest a lot more miserable. To avoid this issue early, use diplomacy to gain military access from your southern neighbors. Once your out of the NGF provincial range you can move and occupy a province if the Austro-Prussian Brothers War ever happens. Also your "likely targets" are very distant from you, but if you want to dare, Netherlands would be good assuming Prussia or UK doesn't have a good relation with them.