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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Conservatives (reactionary)
Capital Seoul
Population 2.33m
Primary culture Korean
Accepted cultures
Literacy 6.0%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized
Korea between the giants China and Japan

Korea is placed next to Chinese Manchuria Manchuria and has Japan Japan on other side of the Chinese Sea. These will be the natural enemies of Korea. It offers incredibly rich resources, a large homogeneous population and a workable Literacy rate. Korea starts out with an alliance with China China, which can be utilized against Japan or the South East Asian nations.

Initially, Korea are already quite rich and the population consists almost only of Koreans, which on the other hand cannot be found anywhere else. Proceed towards westernization by promoting Clergymen mini.pngclergymen and Bureaucrats mini.pngbureaucrats. One can westernize relatively quickly by annexing south east Asian nations.

Korea has multiple parties with Pacifism as a stance on military, which can be quite harming for the military score of Korea, and might prevent them from rising to secondary power or great power once westernization is done.

Annexing parts of Southeast Asia

During the early game, one option is to gain an immediate foothold on Southeast Asia. One can take Siam Siam, Dai Nam Dai Nam or other South East Asian nations. One would have to watch what United Kingdom United Kingdom does as they usually look to either sphere or annex Siam as well as other Asian nations. After Siam or Dai Nam, one can attack other nations like Burma Burma, Johore Johore or Cambodia Cambodia to gain more research points.

One should consider that Asian nations annexed before westernizing will be states, but everything annexed after westernizing (except maybe for Japan) will be counted as colonies and take up colonial points.


After Westernizing, one could go for China or Africa. If one attacks China, one will risk that UK will take from them too, but the provinces are incredibly rich and full of soldiers ready for the Korean army. If one westernize prior to 1870 one can try to take part in the scramble of Africa.

It is possible to colonize the majority of Africa with Korea, as it has a lot of coast and therefore quite likely have a big naval presence.

Last but not least, a note for waging wars against the Chinese. Wars on the Korean peninsula are often constrained by the relatively low number of stacks one can have without attrition. Be aware that, given Naval superiority, one can gain additional "space" by using the Korean Sea as a staging area for sending in reinforcements, or for attempting to encircle Chinese armies.


In vanilla Victoria 2 Korea starts as a vassal of China instead of an ally. This makes the game significantly harder, but it is not completely impossible. Rising to great power status will break the vassal status.