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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party The Royal Faction (Conservative)
Capital Batavia (1413)
Population 1.94m
Primary culture Javan
Accepted cultures
Literacy 0.03%
National value Order
Tech school ?
Status Primitive nation

Java is today a part of Indonesia but in 1836 it was the largest of the dutch colonies. It has 1,94 mio. citizens and lies on an island off the malay peninsula. It is a medium sized asian nation, which can be led to a quite powerful position.

inital position


Compared to the malay countries(Brunei, Johore, Atjeh and Bali) Java is a military super power. It starts of with only a single brigade but 8 more stands ready and one can easily gather an army that counts 19-20 brigades. This leaves the surrounding countries open for conquest. Maybe even the dutch colonies if Netherlands are trapped in a war elsewhere.


Java has a healthy economy, mainly powered by its tea and coffee production and can hold education budget at 100% which is recommended. Due to Java's low literacy it is important to get 4% clergymen as soon as possible. National focus and a 100% education budget will do the trick.

The primary culture Javan is common in one's initial land, but doesn't live anywhere else. Therefore if one expands too much one can lack national foci later in the game.

First steps

One should begin to create an army and fabricate a casus belli on one of the malaysian nations early. Everyone loves Johore for its gold mines, and so should Java. After the initial actions, one can try to annex as many small asian nations as infamy tolerates.

The conquest of the near uncivilized nations and the focus on clergymen should be enough to westernize relatively early.


After westernizing Java should have the military strengh to remove The Netherlands completely from south east asia. The spanish controlled Phillippines can also be a possible target. One can also take a foothold in mainland Asia against Siam or Dai Nam.

Java does not have any resources that is ideal for an upstarting industry.