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Influence is a score that Great Powers can invest in other nations, which primary use is for adding nations into spheres of influence.

Influence is built over time, and may be selectively prioritised in particular nations.

Sphere of Influence: Benefits

Only a Great Power can add a country to a Sphere of Influence.

  1. If any country is part of another country’s Sphere of Influence, its Internal Market is joined with its master country and all other members of that Sphere of Influence, making a larger and more versatile Internal Market. Goods produced in one country may be purchased by the other without Tariffs and before the Demand from higher Prestige buyers on the World Market can buy them away.
  2. Provides prestige when a nation is added to your sphere of influence
  3. Nations that are sphered are likely to respond to all diplomatic requests such as alliances, military access, etc.
  4. Enables some unification events

Note that a satellite (or a dominion if overseas), is automatically in a sphere of influence.

Sphere of Influence: Drawbacks

  1. Adding nations to the Sphere can reduce tariff income since goods are purchased internally
  2. Nations with large artisan populations (such as China) can outproduce national factories and put them out of business


Influence points are determined by national ranking, and provide the following abilities:

  • Increase Opinion (50 Influence) - increases a nation's opinion of your nation to the next tier.
  • Decrease Opinion (50 Influence) - decreases a nation's opinion of another Great Power to the tier below.
  • Add to Sphere (100 Influence, requires Friendly opinion and the nation not to be in a sphere) - Adds a nation to your sphere of influence.
  • Remove from Sphere (100 Influence, requires Friendly opinion and the nation to be in a sphere) - Removes a nation from another Great Power's sphere of influence.
  • Expel Advisors (50 Influence) - Removes all the influence of another Great Power. Particularly effective if they have a high amount of influence.
  • Ban Embassy (65 Influence) - Removes all the influence of another Great Power, and prevents them gaining any more for a length of time.
  • Discredit - Slows the rate of influence gain of another Great Power by 75% for a length of time.


Opinion is a measure, separate to relations that ranks how close or far a Great Powers are to holding a power in a sphere of influence. Influence abilities that affect other Great Powers must be done on ones with equal or lower opinion to you.

The tiers, in decending order:

  1. In Sphere
  2. Friendly
  3. Cordial
  4. Neutral
  5. Opposed
  6. Hostile

Secondary powers that break free of a Sphere of Influence via an event will immediately drop down to Opposed opinion.