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The Great Powers are the eight most powerful nations in the Victoria 2 world, as decided from their total prestige, industrial, and military power scores.

Being a great power offers a nation several benefits. Only great powers are allowed to:

Compared to uncivilized nations, great powers have some advantages:

If another nation usurps a great power's status, that state will have six (6) months to recover its position before losing its Sphere of Influence. The usurped power is also given a Casus belli and the option of starting a war to regain their great power rating. If all these efforts fail, then the usurper will become a Great Power and the former power falls to secondary status.

Secondary powers are the eight next-best nations, which are able to colonize but do not have the ability to form spheres of influence.

Initial Great Powers

The following nations are Great Powers at the start of the game: