Gran Colombia

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Gran Colombia
Gran Colombia.png
Government type Democracy
Ruling party N/A
Capital Varies (Bogotá, Caracas, Quito or Panama)
Population N/A
Primary culture North Andean
Literacy N/A
National value Liberty
Tech school N/A
Status Civilized

Gran Colombia existed from 1819 to 1831, which means that it has just ceased to exist when the game begins. The player can however form the nation again with the decision Form Gran Colombia.

On its height Gran Colombia included modern day Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Panama and northern Peru Peru and Northest Brazil Brazil. It can be formed by the following South American nations: Colombia Colombia, Ecuador Ecuador, Panama Panama and Venezuela Venezuela. One must rise to the status Great Power and add the others to their Sphere of Influence.

As a country in the Americas Gran Colombia has initially a very low population compared to its size, but a significant boost to immigration. In order to attract even more immigrants one have to make Gran Colombia more democratic and enact all social reforms.

As Gran Colombia has a core in Panama, it is easy to build The Panama Canal for extra prestige.

More easily, you can release Gran Colombia from Colombia, choose play as and go the militaristic way. If you choose to release it you will have cores in Ecuador, Venezuela, Panama and Colombia. This will mean the free "restore order" casus belli and easy expansion. The nation, which one chooses to release Gran Colombia from, will keep its capital as an independent nation. Colombia is the most powerful nation, and is thus the best choice to release Gran Colombia from.

Alternatively, you could just conquer all of them for a significant cost of infamy. But beware of the bulldog USA USA. It is also possible to just puppet them all, but you still have to be a great power.

A view of the splitted Gran Colombia