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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Zemtrumspartei (conservative)
Capital Danzig
Population 22.55 k
Primary culture North German
Accepted cultures
Literacy 56,3%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Civilized

Danzig is a German OPM releasable from Prussia Prussia. Unlike the other German nations, Danzig will have Polish as accepted culture. This means that the potentially formed Germany Germany will also have Polish as accepted culture. This is quite an advantage as Polish pops makes up quite a lot of Prussia's population. But this is about the only advantage one can find about Danzig. It has a low literacy for a German nation (56.3%). It is completely surrounded by the overwhelmingly powerful Prussia and Poland have a core on their only province, which means that a potential independent Poland Poland might be aggressive.

One cannot attack any nation close by as they are all too large or in the Prussian sphere of influence. Danzig has sea access, and one can look for a minor nation in America (Haiti Haiti, USCA USCA), in South-East Asia (Johore Johore, Brunei Brunei) or in Africa (Zulu Zulu, Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi).

One will very early be put in Prussia's sphere of influence and there is nothing one can do to prevent it. This will raise the major threat in this game: annexation when Prussia forms the North German Federation North German Federation. To prevent this, one must reach secondary power early, for the possibility of leaving Prussia's SOI.