China Rejects the Convention!

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The state in question, Outer Manchuria, is out to the sea bordering Korea

China Rejects the Convention! is a Russia Russian event, which is provoked by the event The Convention of Peking, which is again provoked by the Russian decision The Peking Convention. China will however accept the convention 90% of the time.

The decision to start the entire chain of events can be taken by Russia, if Manchuria Manchuria is sphered by Russia. That gives China China the event The Convention of Peking, in which they can accept the convention and secede Outer Manchuria to Russia or reject it. This event happens, if they choose to reject it.

The only option for Russia gives them an 'acquire state' casus belli, reduces relations and influence with China by 200 (moving China from Sphered to Neutral or from Friendly to hostile) and releases China as a puppet, if they have been made a puppet of Russia before.

Event Text

The ungrateful Chinese would rather watch their cities burn than agree to our rightful demands. We may just have to accommodate the desires of our wayward Asiatic neighbors.