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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Royal Faction (Conservative)
Capital Ava (1334)
Population 915.46 thousand
Primary culture Burmese
Accepted cultures
Literacy 3.5%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized
Burma and its neighbours in 1836.

By 1836, the kingdom of Burma (or Myanmar) had already been defeated by Britain, and there was no sign of their advance stopping. You'll be facing a similar predicament in the game. Can you outdo the historical kingdom, which lasted until 1885?.

Starting Conditions

Burma's starting condition is essentially defined by one thing: the proximity of British India. They control three of your Core provinces, and they look like they'll come for the next of you next. It is therefore essential that you spend every diplomacy point on raising relations with   United Kingdom. Once they're over a 100, they won't be able to generate a Casus Belli against you. Once you've done that, Burma's position isn't actually that bad: roughly 1M pops, of which more than half Main Culture, and average RGOs(some  opium and  Tropical Wood, but mostly  Grain).

Burma has some large minorities in the Karen and Shan people, but they do not have a nation, that they can create revolts to form.


In AHD, Burmas chances of survival is way better. Great Britain is more likely to sphere Burma instead of annexing it.


If you've raised your relations with Britain high enough, they'll likely put you in their Sphere of Influence: not great, but better than being conquered. Although your military starts being composed entirely of Irregulars, you can get the first Military Reforms and reconstruct them as an Infantry force. This makes some conquest wars around the region a viable option:   Johore,   Atjeh,   Brunei: as long as Britain doesn't intervene, you'll be fine. You can even take some land off   Siam. And the added Research Points will make the road to Westernisation a lot easier. For this purpose, some local alliances might be useful:   Dai Nam, on the other side of Siam, is a natural ally to Burma.

Once westernised, you can try to go about building up an industry. You have almost no access to  Coal or  Iron, though, meaning you're subjected to the whims of the world market. However, you'll probably be in Britains Sphere of Influence by now, so you get the leftovers from their Common Market. Burma also has an  Oil producing RGO, which might allow for a  Fuel Refinery to be built there. If you're feeling lucky and have made it to a position as Secondary Power, you might even try to break away from their Sphere: doing so will likely result in a war, though.