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Bureaucrats mini.pngBureaucrats are a POP type, which represent the administrators of a country. Their main purpose is to increase the administrative efficiency of the state they're in, and the country as a whole. Administrative efficiency on the state level increases the rate of POP promotion and demotion. On the national level it affects the amount of goods the population requires, doubling it at 0%, with normal needs at 100%. It also affects the amount earned from tariffs and the crime fighting efficiency of the nation. They are paid directly from the administrative spending of the nation, so if spending is low they will be unable to meet their needs and demote, while if spending is high promotion to the POP-type will be increased. They are also necessary to turn a colony into a state. Bureaucrats can only promote from primary or accepted cultures, and Bureaucrats from non-accepted cultures (from immigration or conquest) have no effect.


Life Needs
  Grain 2.5
  Fish 1
  Fruit 1
  Wool 1
  Cattle 0.75
Everyday Needs
  Liquor 5
  Paper 5
  Regular Clothes 5
  Tea 5
  Furniture 4
  Tobacco 3
  Coal 1
  Glass 1
Luxury Needs
  Wine 10
  Coffee 2
  Telephones 1.25
  Automobiles 1
  Luxury Clothes 1
  Luxury Furniture 1
  Opium 1
  Radio 1
  Aeroplanes 0.4
  Fuel 0.2

Rebel Units

Unit Type Chance
  Infantry 50%
  Irregular 50%

Ideological Tendencies

Ideology BCM
  Anarcho Liberal 1
  Communist 1
  Conservative 1
  Fascist 1
  Liberal 1.1
  Reactionary 1
  Socialist 1
Upper Classes: AristocratsCapitalists
Middle Classes: ArtisansBureaucratsClergymenClerksOfficers

Lower Classes: CraftsmenFarmersLabourersSlavesSoldiers