$FROMCOUNTRY$ Applies For Statehood!

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$FROMCOUNTRY$ Applies for Statehood! ('$FROMCOUNTRY$ is of course replaced by the name of the country in question) is an event triggered for the USA USA when Texas Texas, Deseret Deseret or the Californian Republic Californian Republic takes the Apply for Statehood decision. If the US takes option A, which the AI will always do, it obtains cores on all land owned by the applicant country and immediately annexes all its provinces. If the US takes option B, it gets -100 relations with the applicant country; this rejection is permanent.

The decision is often taken by Texas, while Californian Republic and Deseret are very rare. One should note, that if USA reject the apply from Texas, then USA cannot take the decision Manifest Destiny without annexing Texas by war.