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ZinnMod is a mod which seeks to fix many features seen as broken, ineffective, or inconsistent, while adding features that are often overlooked by nationalism and political myth.

Previous Features added (V0.1 - v0.12)

Features (v0.12)

  • Modified cultural assimilation and religious conversion. Very few will take very long to assimilate.
  • Fixed ideological rebels so that they'll be fewer and less common, but also stronger and a real threat.
  • Changed the way parties vote on reform.
  • Negative Interest Loan decision to stimulate capitalist growth.
  • Military overhaul - regiments of 1,000 men and casualties are properly reflected by POP loss on a 1:1 ratio.
  • Population required for national focuses is 100k instead of 1 million.
  • Darkrenown's Leave Sphere of Influence decision.
  • Modified economic policies for consistency and removed auto-deletion of factories.

Features (v0.11)

  • Fixed the messy assimilation code. It's working as desired now.
  • Removed militancy scaling from hard-line parties. Only Liberals, Conservatives, and Socialists have it now.
  • Known Bug: crimes.txt cannot read targets, so it only affects consciousness and militancy in the province. I'll look into adding a country modifier for the ripple effects.

Features (v0.1)

  • Changed cultural assimilation and religious conversion. The POP system will no longer exterminate the Jews.
  • (WIP)Crimes have a broader range of effects (currently only Bomb-Throwers)
  • Ideological rebels can no longer recruit from other ideologies, resulting in fewer and smaller uprisings
  • All existing rebels are smarter, will not surrender, and are lead by generals
  • Change the way parties vote on reforms
  • Transportation Act Decision Set (Enact, Enforce, and Repeal the Transportation Act) (removed until fixed)
  • Negative Interest Loan decision to stimulate capitalist growth

Current features (v0.13)

  • 0.75 soldiers to POPs, dropped to allow a little leeway in casualty rates - accounting for light wounds, routing, etc.
  • Irregulars have a +2 boost to Maneuver and a tiny boost to discipline. They're not conscripts.
  • Fixed the Machine Gun tech so it no longer makes troops invincible.
  • Armament tech attack power scaled to try and boost lethality.
  • Disabled minimum wage laws because they break the game. You can still enact them, but they have no effect.
  • Gave the CSA actual technologies since they have nothing researched when they revolt. they're US base technologies and expanded on slightly for techs that the CSA obviously should have, but nothing too big.
  • Updated Darkrenown's Leave SoI(Sphere of Influence) decision - spherelings (Countries sphered by Great powers) can no longer break away if they have a truce with their sphere owner.
  • Increased AI weight for colonization.
  • Slaves increase at half-speed instead of tenth.
  • Doubled experience gain for units.
  • Palleon's army tech changes.
  • Tweaked Discipline values for units. Now only elite units have 1.0, standard units have 0.8, irregulars have 0.7.
  • Artillery now has a small fort attack bonus.

Planned Features

  • Transportation Act decision set for the forced deportation of the vagrant poor to colonies (at a cost)
  • Add slave revolts, class revolts, particularists who can enforce a single issue, etc.
  • Add crimes such as food riots, strikes, race riots, etc.
  • Crimes will have triggers and causes and not be randomly chosen
  • Change the way POPs support ideologies and issues
  • Three levels of revolt: riots (disorganized, no issue), revolts (disorganized, goal-oriented), and revolutions (organized, goal-oriented)


ZinnMod's website can be found here