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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Royal Faction (conservative)
Capital Zanzibar
Population 229.010
Primary culture Swahili
Accepted cultures
Literacy 10%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized nation
Zanzibar is owned by Oman in the beginning of the game

Zanzibar is an uncivilized nation releasable from Oman Oman. It includes the Island of Zanzibar as well as several provinces in mainland Tanzania, including the modern Tanzanian capital Dar es-Salaam. By the 1861 start date Zanzibar is however independent.

The country streches over 3 states, but it controls neither of them fully. It only stretches along the coast. It fairly easy to get to 4% clergy and westernize relatively quickly due to its relatively small size. Futhermore, it has a decent literacy for an Uncivilized nation in Africa.

Starting in 1836

It is in a prime position to colonize Africa. The area around Lake Victoria have more Swahili POPs, so there one can get more accepted POPs. A problem however is that Zanzibar needs to westernize in time, gain at least Secondary power. It has decent access to the sea by the fact that it is spread over 3 states, so it can build a sizeable navy. The first obstacle should be manageable, but one would need to westernize early in order to build ports and get the right tech. Getting Secondary power is also not specifically easy.

Conquest and Diplomacy

United Kingdom United Kingdom or Portugal Portugal are good allies, but Oranje Oranje or Transvaal Transvaal are more likely to convince. One could attack it's former owner Oman for the last of its colonies on the African East Coast, Mombasa in Somaliland, or Zulu Zulu to get more coast. A more daring strategy is to attack Portugal for Mozambique. If one is lucky, Portugal will be completely destroyed in a war and then one can strike at an oppurtune moment. If one gets a fleet relatively quickly, Madagascar Madagascar could also be a potential target, but France France will annex it quickly with the Decision End the Merina Monarchy. Lastly Transvaal and Oranje are civilized nations, but they do not have a big army, so they could also be potential targets.

Starting in 1861

Zanzibar is independent in 1861, and to add to that, it is actually larger than when it is released in 1836. Adding to the provinces owned when released in 1836, it owns the province of Loi, next to Mombasa, which is uncolonized in 1836, and it owns Mogadishu, which is does not have a core on in 1836, and thus it stays with Oman when released. This should make the game easier, but on the other hand, Zanzibar is still uncivilized and has only achieved 1 single reform in the 25 years that has passed.

Since the Scramble for Africa is only 9 years away, getting any part of it, would be a minor miracle.