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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Sheikal Faction (Conservative)
Capital Sana (1178)
Population 100.75k
Primary culture Mashriqi
Accepted cultures
Literacy 21.0%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized
Arabian Peninsula in 1836

Yemen is an uncivilized nation in the southern Arabian peninsula south of Nejd Nejd and Hedjaz Hedjaz and west of Oman Oman. Its borders are pretty much identical to modern-day Yemen. For an uncivilized nation, Yemen has a quite good literacy. Yemen is a part of the Arabian culture and if it turns out to be a Great power it can form Arabia Arabia by influencing one of the other Arab nations.


Moving towards westernization should be the main goal in the beginning. Even though Yemen has a very good literacy for an Arab nation, encouring Clergymen mini.pngclergymen is very important until there are 4% in all states followed by encouraging Bureaucrats mini.pngbureaucrats to 1%.

First targets of conquests

Conquest of neighbours is useful for prestige, military score, research points and boosting literacy (Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi), for example, has better literacy than Yemen.) This all will make the goal of westernising easier. The surrounding Arabic nations of more POPs of Yemens main culture Mashriqi. Especially Egypt Egypt is a good target in this regard, and they are a relatively easy target compared to their size when or just after they have been attacked by Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire. Often the player can find Egypt without an army at all.

Safety First

One have to make good friends with the Europeans - Spain Spain and France France tend to take chunks out of the Middle East, and occasionally the Ottomans do too. The optimal solution to the problem with Europeans would be an alliance with United Kingdom United Kingdom but it is hard to achieve. Being put in any great power sphere of influence is desirable.


After having annexed the neighbouring Arab countries Sindh Sindh, Ethiopia Ethiopia or The Boer States are good targets.

Post westernization

Oman Omans colonies might open up for colonization if Yemen westernizes quickly enough. if Yemen westernizes before 1870 and have annexed Oman, they are in an ideal situation to colonize Africa.

The Arab peninsula will discover Resource oil.pngoil in the late game, after which money will no longer be an issue.

To form Arabia is certainly doable, especially if Yemen manages to colonize a good chunk of Africa thus getting a lot of prestige and military score. It is only required to sphere one single other Arab state. If they are all annexed, releasing a nation while being a great power will put them in your sphere, and they can be re-annexed with the formation at the cost of 5 prestige. After the formation of Arabia, plenty of time should be spend on annexing the rest of Arabia.