Xinjiang Clique

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Xinjiang Clique
Government type Absolute monarchy
Ruling party Zenxin Faction (Rectionary)
Capital Urumqi
Population 339.120
Primary culture Beifaren
Accepted cultures Uighur
Literacy 9.7%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized nation
Status Uncivilized nation

The Xinjiang Clique is an uncivilized nation releasable from China China. While its population base is decent, Xinjiang province covers a vast area making defences difficult. It must be wary of Russian, British and Chinese aggression. Unlike what seems most natural, Uighur is only an accepted culture in Xinjiang, while Beifaren is the primary culture. It is by far the smallest of the chinese states.

Xinjiang Clique is only available in the vanilla edition and is in AHD and HOD replaced by Xinjiang Xinjiang, an relatively independent puppet state of china.