War exhaustion

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War exhaustion signifies how tired your nation is of waging war. It is a factor attached to the nation as a whole, not the individual POPs. It goes on a scale from 0.0 to 50.0 and have numerous negative effects such as giving POPs militancy and reduce RGO production.

The current level of war exhaustion can be seen under the 'military' tab.

How a nation gains war exhaustion

Effects of war exhaustion

  • It creates militancy
  • 2% longer time to fabricate casus belli pr. point of war exhaustion
  • 1% less RGO output pr. point of war exhaustion
  • 1% less factory output pr. point of war exhaustion

How to get rid of war exhaustion

War exhaustion reduces naturally by 1 every month while at peace. Other than that, one can use decisions and events to reduce war exhaustion.