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Government type Hm's Government
Ruling party Royal Faction (conservative
Capital Namur
Population 411.750
Primary culture Wallonian
Accepted cultures Dutch
Literacy 50%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized

Wallonia is a european nation releasable from Belgium Belgium. It starts out as one of the only countries with an industry. It is surrounded by Luxembourg Luxembourg, France France and Belgium/Flanders Flanders. Wallonian and Dutch are accepted cultures.

January 1st 1836. Flandern and Wallonia united in Belgium

Netherlands Netherlands has cores on Wallonia, and until they sign the Treaty of London. Wallonia is, unlike Belgium not in a sphere and does not have any allies. This leaves Wallonia open for a Dutch invasion and is the first mayor threat for the player. All of Wallonias diplomatic points should be spend on finding a powerful alli. France or United Kingdom United Kingdom will suffice. If one is lucky The Netherlands decides to attack Belgium first, and gets beaten down by UK and/or France.


Wallonia has a lot of Coal.pngcoal and Iron.pngiron, which is very good for industry. Early in the game, one should be able to secure secondary power status from a well run industry alone, but the title will not last. Improving literacy past 60% so Clerks mini.png will promote is key early game.