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Government type Absolute monarchy
Ruling party Conservative
Capital Bucharest (ID 664)
Population 307.30 thousand
Primary culture Romanian
Accepted cultures
Literacy 10.0%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Civilized
A view of Wallachia together with its twin Moldovia and their overlord in 1836

Wallachia is a minor civilized nation in Eastern Europe, it is a satellite of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire. Wallachia has an ethnically Romanian population and has the ability to form Romania if it becomes a Great Power or simply have 45 prestige. This, however, is a difficult task involving taking land from Ottomans, Russia Russia, and Austria Austria.

It's not easy to raise status without breaking free of Ottoman rule. If one gets enough militancy, it can start a revolution which will remove the Ottoman rule. If Wallachia gains independence, it has the possibility to form Romania Romania together with Wallachia's twin neighbor, Moldavia Moldavia.

Starting out

Wallachia is a very hard country to play as, they certainly rank up one of the if not the hardest country to play as, rivaling Wallachia's difficulty is its brother neighbor, Moldavia. Make sure Wallachian independence revolt happens, free Wallachia from the Ottomans! If it doesn't, then Wallachia might have to fight some Turks... If this happens, increase relations with Austria then ally with them and hope they'll intervene in the war. If Wallachia is successful, it is freed from Turkish grasps!

Industrialization and economy

It's very hard for Wallachia to industrialize because, 1. they're too poor, 2. they lack population, but their resources are pretty good with three Coal.pngcoal fields, but the production of the RGO is low. Encourage Capitalists mini.pngcapitalist in Wallachia and hope they build some profitable factories. If industrialization is successful and profitable, Wallachia has become more self sufficient!


Military is another thing that Wallachia lacks, encourage Soldiers mini.pngsoldiers until you can muster 15K troops or 21K. Make sure your military budget is 100% at war and 25% at peace. Wallachia will need them for protection, as it borders both The Ottomans and Austria Austria.


With Wallachia's 10% literacy, it's bound to fail industrialization. To increase its literacy, finish encouraging soldiers and start encouraging Clergymen mini.pngclergymen to 4% of Wallachian national population. Your daily research will go up as a result of this.


Focus on your economy first for self sufficiency purposes. Research Industrial tech then Commerce and finally military last.

Recommended Techs

Industry -

Commerce -

Military -


You're a vassal of The Ottoman Empire with your brother Moldavia. You border Austria, Serbia Serbia, Moldavia, and Ottoman Empire. You have 2 diplomatic points to use from the start. You have 15 relation points in Austria, 60 relation points in Moldavia, 124 relation points in the Ottoman Empire, 30 relation points in Russia, and 10 relation points in Serbia.

Diplomatic Priority

  • Austria - As your closest great power and the bearer of the most Romanian cores, you should at least be allied for the next few years.
  • Russia - Your other close great power but, with more relation points and bigger military. The reason why Russia is second because they're unreliable, which is important later on.
  • Ottoman Empire - Keep her mad and angry, so that you can declare war and declare independence! Don't damage relations too bad as they're still a valuable asset.
  • Serbia or Greece - Laying foundations to future expansions will be pivotal in creating a successful state. Oddly, you have 30 relation points in Greece to start with.
  • Moldavia - You'll conquer it soon...

Forming Romania

This is your number one priority! Make sure you're ready for countless wars and ask lady luck for help, as you'll certainly need all the blessing she gives you. Romania is definitely the hardest nation to form. Why? Because your core provinces belongs to The Ottomans, Austria, and Russia! Only 2 nations can form Romania in the 1836 scenario, you and Moldavia.

War for independence and Moldavia

Decrease relations with the Ottomans until you can declare independence/war. Prepare for a defensive war while letting Austria do the attacking. Take at least 30% of your army to Moldavia and occupy her. Wait until Austria takes enough land for a second casus belli, use this opportunity to take Ottoman controlled Romanian regions. Your infamy will be high, so after you've annexed Moldavia, research prestige gaining technologies and begin achieving the Great Power status. Industrialize or militarize Moldavia to your liking.

  • the war on Ottomans will not increase infamy.


Dissolve your alliance with Austria immediately after the war on the Ottomans. Increase your relations with Russia and eventually an alliance treaty will be made. Declare war on Austria with the war of unification casus belli. Grab core provinces and use hit and run tactics to wear Austria down. Russia or maybe France if they're allied, will be your main safe haven should the Austrians bite you too hard. If your population is jingoistic enough, try getting all Romanian core provinces all at once.

  • This war will not increase your infamy.


Now for the hardest part of this unification. Dissolve the alliance with Russia, make sure you're allied with 3 Great Powers mainly Prussia, United Kingdom, and France. But if France, allies herself to Russia, then try allying yourself to Austria again. When you're ready for the war, declare war on Russia using war of unification casus belli. Use hit and run tactics to get core provinces, wait for your allies to do the dirty work. Try your best to occupy the Budjak region in Russia. When your side has enough war score, UK or Russia will propose a peace treaty. Form Romania if you have 45 prestige points.

Crisis system

Now with HoD, you can ask great powers to pressure another great power to give you free provinces. Always target Austria first because they have the most core provinces. Next, target the Turks because they're weak and they'll always agree with Britain, should the British be on your side. Finally, target Russia's Budjak region last, obviously because Russia is the most powerful of the three. If you've managed to get all Romanian provinces successfully and without war, you'll still have three angry great powers bordering you...

Post Romanian Unification

You're a great power, but only in prestige. You have a decent population base, but it's not fit for a great power. Your population has been emigrating to the Americas like crazy after unification. Your economy is dying because of coal shortages and you lose population by overtaxing. How do you solve these problems?

Emigration Problem

Homestead Act decision which increases America's immigrant threshold to an insane level of numbers will leave you empty. Encourage socialist parties and socialist ideas in your country to pass a few socialist reforms. Once emigration has been turned down to a workable level, turn your attention to the economy.

The Economy

Horrible! Even though you have three coal producing provinces, you still find yourself struggling to meet factory input requirements. Your rgo is poor with most being grain and wool with few being fruits and cattle provinces. Build reliable factories like canned food, wine, and liquor factories and close unprofitable ones. If you have a laissez faire economy, hope your capitalist make smart decisions.

Taxation too High!

Your horrible economy will probably lead you to overtax your people. You lose even more population and now you're in a vicious, inescapable prison of population loss from taxation and emigration. Your solutions can be, encouraging clerks, encouraging bureaucrats, and focusing in commerce technology.


The Turks should be weak by now, you can target their Balkan holdings. You can target Austria a naval port. By now colonialism is limited to a few places in Africa, East Asia, and Persia.


If you've sphered Serbia, Greece or both, ally with them and grab a few Turkish provinces. Your border should be awful, but you have room for further expansion. Keep taking Turkish provinces until you've bordered Greece.


  • First, be aware that you will be in conflict if colonial nations like France and UK owns 60-85% of Africa, so if you don't want to fight, don't go for Africa.
  • Do you have a good navy and a few good ports? If You're landlocked, you can get ports from Austria and Turkey. Once you've gained access to ports, build man o wars until you have 500+ colonial points.
  • Egypt should be available, Tunisia maybe available, and Morocco should be taken over but if they've got a good chance to be alive.

East Asia

Not recommended, except if you're looking for wealth. They're too far away and have very populated regions and they cost so many colonial points to maintain. You have to be Great Britain if you want to get East Asia.


This is assuming Persia survives Europe and The Ottomans. You should target the Southern states first then go upwards and finally reach Tehran. Not very profitable or worthy, but the option is still there.


Russia can be your ally, assuming they have a better military ranking than Austria. If they don't, get Prussia/Germany or France to do the work. If you don't have any allies, build sufficient amount of troops to fight the Austrian army, but you're doomed when they fully mobilize. If you want a good challenge, target Austria.

Great War Neighbors

It should be the 1920s and the great war is on the horizon. You became involved in a great war, what do you do? Obviously, there isn't too much to tell because all great wars can be random and unexpected. These are general advices and warnings to your GP neighbors.


You're in big trouble if they catch you, they have possibly the best army in the world because of their research rate and high population. Mobilize and focus all your troops on Germany because they're that dangerous!

  • If Austria/Austria-Hungary is on your side, it becomes a war of attrition because both Austria and Romania cannot defeat the Germans alone or even together sometimes! If Russia and Austria are on your side then consider attacking Germany.
  • Germany cannot win a three front war with France, Russia, and Austria. Grab a German state as loot and focus on another opposing great power.
  • Do not rely on UK too much because ai can be weird sometimes. They're a military powerhouse, bringing Indian Death Stacks to Germany via their huge navy. However, if the ai does not upgrade its navy, say goodbye to Indian Death Stacks.


They should be severely weakened by now because you've formed Romania. Austria will most likely become Austria-Hungary which makes it more deadly because Hungarians are now an accepted culture. Austria-Hungary will never go for Bosnia like from history, so your Balkan front is secured.

  • If Germany is on your side, you don't have to worry a thing except for Austrian surprise attacks. If the AI ignores Germany, which is unlikely, and targets you, you're welcome to mobilize and survive until Germany comes around.
  • If Ottoman Empire joins Austria's side then hope for Germany and your hit and run tactics to bail you out.
  • If Italy joins Austria, which sometimes they do for some reason, can mess your whole relying on Germany campaign. If you have France on your side, use her against Italy.


They're not weakened by your formation of Romania because they only had one Romanian state, Budjak. They're however, very illiterate and can't compete with Germany or sometimes Austria. Work this fault to your advantage, sure they have a lot of men but they also have poorly equipped troops. Play the defensive game not the offensive as Russian attrition will likely kill you.

  • Germany can either go for Eastern front or Western front, so if you get lucky and Germany picks the Eastern front, you're good to go.
  • Austria and Russia are ganging up on you, your only choice is to encourage soldiers and keep mobilizing but if you have Germany, rely on them.
  • France and Russia will likely be allies during the war. Germany can destroy Russia but they have a little trouble with France, help Germany because you really don't want to lose him.

The Ottoman Empire

They're really weak and meager but they always ally with the most powerful countries. Russia is their primary ally because they're close. United Kingdom always manages to find an alliance with the Turks. Austria will likely decline an Ottoman alliance. You can survive these attacks but Turkish troops never pose a danger.

  • If the British navy is upgraded and ready to fight, mobilize! They'll surely bring 99K Indian death stacks or completely ignore you if the Turkish front is less intense. Overall, focus on the Turks first then worry about the doom stacks later.
  • Russia is like China but stronger and better. They'll most likely attack by invading the Budjak provinces, if you fortified these provinces, you have a good chance of surviving Russia. Don't focus solely on Russia, Turkish troops might already be invading you but you can destroy them.
  • Austria can be a real pain in the butt, they have a large space to invade you and a good army to boot. Austria is your number one priority but garrison some troops against the Turks as well.


You made it out alive, you participated in the Great War, you became a GP and a triumphant Romanian anthem was heard all across the Danube. You industrialized the old agrarian fields to bustling factories. You have a good army and a nice population but you have a hot pot of cultures waiting to be assimilated. As you look forward to the future, remind yourself, you began as Wallachia!