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Government type Absolute monarchy
Ruling party Nationale Partei
Capital Stuttgart (ID 589)
Population 430.02 thousand
Primary culture South German
Accepted cultures
Literacy 80%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Civilized
A picture of the fractioned Germany in 1836

Württemberg is a minor nation in the in southern Germany Germany. It can form South German Federation South German Federation along with Baden Baden, Bavaria Bavaria and Austria Austria, it begins the game in Austria's sphere of influence as Prussia Prussia and Austria duke it out for hegemony over the German people. Historically it was absorbed into the Prussian-led German Empire at the end of the Franco-Prussian war, but in Victoria 2 Württemberg is more than capable of resisting the two German superpowers and becoming a Great Power in its own right.

Becoming a Great Power

Getting big

Württemberg's population is too small to support large-scale industrialization, so to become a Great Power as them, prestige is paramount. High starting literacy means a lot of research points, and the fact that Württemberg is a one-state minor means raising the percentage of clergy (and by extension literacy) will be easy and quick. A good initial tech to research would be Medicine and Prestige techs. To boost prestige even further, other Culture techs can be researched, as well as techs that increase research points. Military is not a big concern, since no one cares to attack little Württemberg until it becomes a Great Power, at which point Prussia and Austria will become wary and may try to force hegemony on the upstart kingdom.

To acquire a second state, Switzerland Switzerland may be an option early on, but they possess a strong military that can easily rival Württembergian army. Krakow Krakow starts off in the Austrian sphere but will usually be removed from it by Russia Russia, at which point one can attack it and take it over fairly easily, assuming that Austria breaks its alliance with it. Allying with Austria early on will get you military access to Austrian territory to reach Krakow. Whichever the player chooses, it has to be done sooner rather than later as Switzerland and Krakow will eventually be sphered by France France and Russia, respectively. Additional targets can include other states bordered by Austria, such as Montenegro Montenegro.

South German Confederation

A reasonable goal for a Württemberg player should be to form the South German Federation, requiring control over Baden or Bavaria becoming a Great Power, and taking Sigmaringen from Prussia. Though if one can manage to beat Prussia, maybe forming Germany isn't that crazy of an idea.