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Here's an incomplete list of work needed on the wiki, partially ordered by importance:

Current goals:

  1. Rewrite all pages imported from the Paradoxian wiki
  2. Restructure the category system
  3. Add a huge number of internal links
  4. Identify and create important missing pages

Perpetual goals:

  • Create the articles in Category:Under construction
  • Create the articles in Special:WantedPages
  • Add more information to articles in Category:Stubs
  • Create articles on any important game concepts (categorize under Category:Reference)
  • Create a modding guide, or explain a concept within modding (categorize under Category:Modding)
  • Improve a page that's been designated as needing editing
  • Add images to existing articles where relevant
  • Improve the formatting/readability of existing articles
  • Add additional information to existing articles
  • Anything else you think would help the wiki