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All players of the game are welcome to contribute to the wiki. This style guide provides guidance on how to make the best contributions. If these guidelines seem too difficult to follow (non-native speakers, etc.) -- don't let these stop you from contributing! It is more important that the wiki has contributions than having everything "done right", and once content is in the wiki, other contributors can participate by putting it into a better style.

Writing Style

  1. Write objectively, not in the first person.
    • Correct: Prussia can focus on cavalry recruitment to have a highly mobile army.
    • Incorrect: I always build cavalry so that I can move my army quickly.
  2. Use a third person narrative when possible. Country strategy guides are exempt from this rule, but it is still preferred.
    • Correct: The player's next target is France .
    • Incorrect: Your next target is France.
  3. Use a semi-formal register.
    • Correct: It's recommended for ... to attack his neighbor in order to acquire important resources such as gold and population.
    • Incorrect: ... should obviously attack his neighbor for the gold and population it has.
  4. Paradox games allow for limitless possibilities.
    • Correct: The USA has multiple options for the Civil War. One strategy is to...
    • Incorrect: The best way for the USA to wage the Civil War is to...
  5. Write in general, abstract terms.
    • Correct: Infantry can be useful in defending territory...
    • Incorrect: Build exactly 4 Infantry regiments, use them to defend London, then... etc...
  6. Do not emphasize text with CAPITALS, use italics instead.
  7. Write so that everyone can participate: do not personalize articles by signing them or naming game concepts after yourself

Article Organization

  1. Naming Articles:
    1. Do not capitalise any words in the article name, except for words that are capitalised grammatically. Capitalise the first letter of the first word (wiki should do this automatically)
      • Correct article name: A statistical analysis of Japanese naval doctrines
      • Incorrect article name: A Statistical Analysis of Japanese Naval Doctrines
    2. Use full names for any articles you create. Create a #redirect page for any abbreviations.
      • Correct: Battleship as the article, BB as the #redirect page
      • Incorrect: BB as the main article, Battleship as the #redirect page
  2. Templates: Templates are created to help better organize content on the Wiki. See the Category:Templates full list of available templates.
  3. Categories: Always group articles into categories. If you are unsure which category fits best, start a discussion on the talk page of the article. Category names should generally be plural, and capitalization follows the same rules as for articles

Tagging an article


Content and style problems: articles with these issues should be labeled with the cleanup tag: {{cleanup}}


If you believe an article does not belong on the wiki, use this tag. {{delete}} Otherwise, consider merging the content of the article into a more appropriate location, and using: #REDIRECT [[linktogoodarticle]]


If you believe the content of this article should be merged with another article, use this tag: {{merge}}


If you believe that an article or a section of an article needs to be rewritten entirely, use this tag: {{rewrite}}


Not enough content: articles that you think are incomplete and deserve more attention should be labeled with the stub tag: {{stub}}

Under construction

If an article is undergoing an overhaul and you need to warn other users, use this tag: {{Under Construction}}


Format problems: articles that are poorly formatted should be labeled with the wikify tag: {{wikify}}