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Government type Democracy
Ruling party Partido Conservador (conservative)
Capital Caracas
Population 244.71 thousand
Primary culture North Andean
Accepted cultures
Literacy 9%
National value Liberty
Tech school Traditional
Status Civilized
A view of the splitted Gran Colombia

Venezuela is a small civilized nation in South America. After seceding from Gran Colombia Gran Colombia in 1831, the country fell into a period of economic turmoil, as it lacked the mineral wealth of other Latin American nations, and instead had to rely on agricultural products to fuel its weak economy. Historically, the country stayed in this position until 1914, when oil was discovered under Lake Maracaibo, jump-starting Venezuela's economy. Despite the lack of mineral wealth or raw materials, Venezuela can still be industrialized, and become the most powerful nation in South America!

Initial Position

In 1836, things do not look good for Venezuela. It has a population of just under 1 million, slavery is legal, and its meager territory produces nothing of value. It has claimed some valuable territory in Guyana, but the British residents there would rather not give it up. It is a democracy, bringing in an ample supply of immigrants, but stonewalling any attempts at early industrialization due to the ruling party's economic policy. The dismal literacy doesn't help, either.


Once 1910 rolls around (it was 1914 in real life, but oh well), the only thing Venezuelans will need to worry about economy-wise is how to count all their Resource oil.pngoil money. Until then, though, some industrialization is in order. Before that they mainly produces Fruit.pngfruit and Coffee.pngcoffee. The first one can be used for Resource wine.pngwineries and the latter is also quite valuable, although it is not oil.

There's only one problem: the starting economic policy is Interventionism, which leaves industrialization to the nation's Capitalists mini.pngcapitalists... if there were any.


Getting Venezuela off the Ground

First things first, the country can't industrialize without any capitalists. Every state is equally resource-poor, so whichever one you pick doesn't matter. In terms of research, focus on getting techs that give access to basic industry, such as lumber mills and fertilizer factories. The economy of Venezuela is entirely agrarian, so only basic industry is possible at first.

Gran Colombia

If Venezuela gains enough power to be a great power it can form Gran Colombia by influencing or annexing Colombia Colombia, Ecuador Ecuador and Panama Panama. This is only possible in A House Divided and Heart of Darkness.