United Baltic Nations

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United Baltic Nations
United Baltic Nations.png
Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Conservatives
Capital Riga (ID 354)
Population 460.42 thousand
Primary culture Latvian
Accepted cultures Estonian
Religion Catholic.pngcatholic if formed by Latvia or released on its own. Protestant.pngprotestant if formed by Estonia
Literacy 10%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized nation
A picture of an independent United Baltic Nations

United Baltic Nations may be the least likely nation to exist in the entire game. First either Estonia Estonia or Latvia Latvia need to be independent from Russia Russia. Then they need to raise to Great Power and gain control over the other nation. This can be done by either releasing them from Russia and putting them in your sphere of influence or annexing the province outright.

Latvia produces a mix of Grain.pnggrain, Fish.pngfish and Cattle.pngcattle. Estonia only produces grain and cattle. None of them will make you rich, and they cannot be used for any spectacular industry other than mayby Resource liquor.pngliquor distilleries.

If the player intends on forming United Baltic Nations, one can release both nations from Russia at the start of the game. That way one can evade an almost impossible war against one of the world's strongest militaries.

Even after the Unification, United Baltic Nations is one of Europes smaller nations, and they are placed between the two superpowers Prussia Prussia and Russia. Keeping good relations with the both of them is vital to survive as an independent nation. On top of that they have a lackluster literacy compared civilized nations, and especially compared to the other Northern European Nations.

Alternatively United Baltic Nations can be released as a whole from Russia.


Russia is an eternal threat looming over UBP. Therefore, an alliance with Germany Germany is more or less mandatory for United Baltic Nations to thrive.