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Ultimate Mod
Multiple dev teams

Victoria Ultimate, known also as Ultimate Rebooted, is a mod for Victoria II that aims to rework and extend the timeline of the game.


New Scenarios

  • 1604 - Enlightenment
  • 1714 - Empire
  • 1764 - American Revolution
  • 1800 - Rise of Napoleon
  • 1939 - World At War
  • 1946 - Cold War
  • 2000 - New Millennium
  • 2023 - Future

Other additions

  • New units: Fighter Squadrons, Bomber Squadrons, Transport Planes, Special Forces, Submarines, and Carrier
  • Many new techs
  • Includes space colonization
  • Tweaked with nature to include natural disasters
  • Includes WMDs
  • Completely reworked economy with new goods and needs as well as new buildings
  • Accurate population
  • Includes International Organizations

Development History

The mod has gone through several development teams. In 2015 it produced controversy after it emerged that, amongst other things, a developer had started charging money for the mod. This violated Paradox's terms of service and the mod was subsequently removed from ModDB.

The mod is still in development as Ultimate Rebooted and it should be noted that the current developers are separate from past modding teams.[1]