United States of Central America

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United States of Central America
United States of Central America.png
Government type Democracy
Ruling party Partido Liberal
Capital Guatemala (ID 2186)
Population 410.85 thousand
Primary culture Central American
Accepted cultures
Literacy 9.2 %
National value Liberty
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized nation
A picture the united USCA in 1836. It broke into Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El salvador in 1841

The United States of Central America or USCA is a liberal democracy bridging the gap between Mexico Mexico and the South American states. While historically unsuccessful, in Victoria 2 a resurgent USCA can become a significant power in the Americas, being able to expand both north and south with the help of allies until it can assert itself across the region. Plagued by a low population like other countries in the western hemisphere, assimilation and immigration are key to the USCA's success.

USCA has an unconquered core on British owned Belize. It is however almost impossible to retake from the UK. If one can get an alliance with USA, it might be possible though.

Roughly 80% of the population are the primary culture Central American, and the rest, roughly 20% are the not-accepted Mayan.

Historical path

"The República Federal de Centroamérica proclaimed independence from Mexico, which had itself recently won independence from Spain Spain, in 1823. It was off to a bad start, however, as Mexico continually pressured the country and the federation was faced with intense internal disputes. Political incompetence meant that widespread poverty was not alleviated, and in 1838 the country dissolved. Out of the union came the independent states of Costa Rica Costa Rica, El Salvador El Salvador, Guatemala Guatemala, Honduras Honduras, Nicaragua Nicaragua and Los Altos, the last country not existing in the game.

Starting conditions

The USCA begins the game as a minor power of mediocre size, unable to offer much resistance if its neighbors go on the warpath and economically weak.


The USCA starts with the states of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. It does have cores in Belize, UK but has no easy way to obtain them. Spanning the isthmus between the Atlantic and Pacific, however, it is in a prime position to project naval power, should it be able to obtain any. The USCA's constituent countries may be released in their respective states, though this is usually not beneficial.


The USCA is a democracy, controlled at the start by the aptly-named Partido Liberal. Its policies are good for attracting immigrants, but unfortunately its laissez-faire party issue is counter-productive; it prevents the government from investing in the underdeveloped Central American economy.


The country's provinces mainly produce Fruit.pngfruit and Coffee.pngcoffee, but a single province produces rare Tropical wood.pngtropical wood, and the presence of an Iron.pngiron-producing province and two Timber.pngtimber-producing provinces gives the USCA some industrial potential. Making use of this potential is a natural road to go down, but the country is likely to experience a labor shortage if it does not seek to boost immigration.

Foreign relations

Mexico lies to the north, while Colombia Colombia lies to the south. Both countries are more powerful than the USCA at the beginning, and will tend to seek an alliance with each other. To counter this, an alliance with the USA USA can be beneficial; the US is likely go to war with Mexico, from which the USCA can profit. The United Kingdom United Kingdom also owns the one-province colony of Belize in the north; A USCA, that can successfully obtain Belize from the UK, has come a long way.

Decisions and events

Although the USCA can get many regular events, there are none specifically for the USCA. It also has but a single decision available to it: Become Guatemala, which it can do to become that country if it loses control of all non-Guatemalan territory, as happened historically.

It gives 30 prestige and adds Mayan as accepted culture, so it is indeed worth it to take, if USCA loses all of its other provinces.


Opening moves

At 1836 USCA is a poor state. Practically illiterate, low on technology, army and industry. You need to get an industry going but as the ruling Partido Liberal has a laissez-faire policy you'll need to get Capitalists mini.pngcapitalists to build factories for you. Alas the country at this time has none. The first task for USCA is therefore to build a stable economy, promote capitalists and research economy boosting technologies.

Start by researching Freedom of Trade for the economic boost. Then head to the Central American Guatemala state and use your national focus to promote capitalists. Now have a look at the budget. As it is now the only rich people in the country are Aristocrats mini.pngaristocrats, who are traditionally mostly conservative/reactionary. We don't like them. Tax them as much as possible. Any capitalists we promote won't have an income yet since there are no factories, so don't worry about them.

Remove all taxation of the middle class. One needs these people to get richer and promote to capitalists. Also one will need them to have some savings to invest in factories. Leave the poor strata taxed as much as possible. Now remove all military spending. Your population of less than half a million souls won't be able to support a larger army anytime soon so save the money for now. Raise the investment in administration and education to 100 pct.

After a couple of weeks when the budget changes have balanced out this should leave you with a small surplus. If not lower the education spending. The immigrants soon to be arriving will all have a much higher educational level so expect the literacy rate to go up anyway.

Now take a look at the production tab and see how the capitalists start appearing in Guatemala. At this point you probably have about a handful and hopefully they've started investing in a useful factory. Resource glass.pngGlass and Resource wine.pngwine are the best choices, as USCA has mainly Fruit.pngfruit, but the player has little choice in the matter.

As soon as the capitalists have gathered the required resources and cash and have begun building the factory, remove national focus from Guatemala and use it in Honduras to promote capitalists there, and go on so forth to build factories in the entire country.

1837 Onwards: Industrialisation and Colonisation

By 1837 one will probably have factories on the way and a (very) small number of Capitalists mini.pngcapitalists in Guatemala and Honduras. As soon as the factories are being build, the new capitalists in Costa Rica and Nicaragua will begin projects to build factories in those states. Move the national focus and promote capitalists there. Before long, you'll have four factories on the way.

If you have played your cards right, one will also have a nice surplus in the national budget. One can build Clipper transport.pngClipper Transports. Make sure it's on the correct shore from where you have to use them. If one can afford it, build a navy base in Guatemala.

Everyone wants Precious metal.pnggold, so your next stop is Johore. While your ships are on the way, justify war with the "Establish Protectorate" Casus Belli; as soon as the ships arrive off the Straits of Johore, declare war using the "establish protectorate" option. March the army straight for Johore and take on the defending troops before they reinforce. After that Johore is yours for the taking.


Freedom of Trade and Ideological Thought are must-haves. After that it depends on your plans. Anything that boosts plurality is good for attracting immigrants. Also consider technologies that adds to research points (in culture techs). Your army and navy are very underdeveloped so you might consider researching that at some point.

The Future

With immigrants pouring in and factories creating surpluses on the budgets, it is time to raise the military spending and expand the army. If possible, go for an early conquest of Panama before the USA get Colombia in their Sphere of Influence. Or consider a few wars of humiliation in Asia for the prestige gain. By mid-1840s USCA should be in the top of the second rank.

What happens next is up to you. Haiti Haiti, Cuba Cuba or Venezuela Venezuela are obvious choices. Just remember USA won't help you if you're a Great Power.