Treaty of London (1864)

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Treaty of London (1864) is a decision available to United Kingdom United Kingdom relating the fate of the Ionian Islands Ionian Islands. It is not to be confused with Treaty of London a decision available to the Netherlands Netherlands. Unlike the similar decisions like Seward's Icebox (annexing Hawaii Hawaii) and End the Merina Monarchy (annexing Madagascar Madagascar), it can be taken if Ionian Islands are controlled by a player, and is therefore a significantly bigger risk to a player controlled Ionian Islands.



It is a good decision to take as long as one have above 4 infamy, as Ionian Islands are not worth a lot compared to what can be taken for the infamy. At the 1861 starting date, it can be taken from day one.

Ingame description

The Ionian Islands had been an amicable protectorate of The United Kingdom ever since the end of the Napoelonic Wars. In 1862 the protectorate was deemed too expensive to maintain, and the islands were, after two years negotiations, ceded to Greece.