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South African Republic.png
Government type Presidential dictatorship
Ruling party Nationalist Partij (Reactionary)
Capital Pretoria (ID 2105)
Population 140.60 thousand
Primary culture Boer
Accepted cultures
Religion Protestant.pngProtestant
Literacy 5.4 %
National value Liberty
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized
A view of Transvaal and its neighbors

Transvaal (or the Transvaal Republic or South African Republic) is a civilized nation located in southeast Africa and considered one of the Boer states. It is placed between Portuguese Mozambique, Zulu Zulu and it's twin Oranje Oranje. While Boer is the primary culture and only accepted culture in Transvaal, it is a minority even in its own lands. Transvaal will because of that only have 1 national focus for most of the game.

The main growth of Transvaal will be through the conquest and colonization of Africa.


It is needed to go after Oranje and the Zulu early. If one starts up with Zulu, one will have more than enough troops to take on Oranje. One can try to ally up with Great Britain to assure that the others don't. Don't drag them into the conquests of Zulu and Oranje however. They provide a good help, but they will become the warleader and it can lead to then accepting a white peace when one is very close to enforce the demands. Make sure to use the conquest casus belli on Zulu instead of make protectorate. It is not possible to make it a real state because you will lack of Boers even in your own lands.

Other, riskier routes of expansion are the Middle East, Madagascar Madagascar and Portugal Portugal's African colonies. Portugal usually removes it's soldiers from Mozambique early on and the land is left unguarded. When Portugal ends up in a war another place in the world it should be possible to take a part or two of the colony while Portugal is busy in another part of the world.

The First war

Transvaal starts out with just a single regiment and are unable to get more any time soon. Therefore, it is crucial not to lose that single regiment. If one starts out by attacking Oranje (which also only have one and there will avoid confrontation) one can siege down their three provinces way before they have sieged Transvaals 8 provinces. Therefore, one can win the war without fighting a single battle, taking advantage of the simple fact that Transvaal have more provinces.

One might risk that the regiment, or at least its possibility to regenerate is lost to attrition during the war and therefore one will not have troops enough for the next war. That problem is however not present versus the Zulus as they have lot of troops for Transvaal to recruit to recruit afterwards.


These victories and the Romanticism tech should get you enough prestige to be a secondary power early on. Go straight for the colonization techs (medicine, etc.) as you will not have a sizable navy when it comes to 1870.

The main problem with Transvaal is that Boer is the primary and only accepted culture. They are a small minority and will be smaller and smaller when the player expands more. Oranje also have a minority of Boers but one shouldn't expect to have more than one National focus point the entire game. Transvaal (and Zulu and Oranje if taken) is the only places which would not be colonies and therefore the only places where one can build factories.

Transvaali decisions

Transvaal have a notable decision in Die Groot Trek, which increases Immigration but also militancy a lot. One can make use of that militancy to make political and social reforms, which increases immigration furthermore. Immigration is increases by 300 % for 10 years after the decision is enacted. One does however needs at least 2 prestige, so it can likely be enacted after the first war. The decision paves the way to the Zulu decision Attack The Laagers, which reduces Boer POPs in Durban (Natalia Natalia), so it might be a good idea to wait, until Zulu is annexed.

It does also have the decision the The Sand River Convention which outlaws slavery and increases relations with United Kingdom United Kingdom. One needs a relation with UK of at least 75.

The Boer Wars

At some point around 1886–1887 Precious metal.pnggold will be discovered in Witwatersrand, initially owned by Transvaal. Unlike for all other nations striking gold, this is not a happy event. The event Witwatersrand Gold Rush will happen to all great powers, which border Transvaal. The event will give them a free conquest casus belli, which simulates The Boer Wars. It is an existential threat to both Transvaal and Oranje.

Most likely United Kingdom will get a conquest casus belli, but any other great power, which manages to colonize Zambezi, Northern Cape or Botswana will get one as well.

The event to discover Gold can happen after 1886, and it has a MTTH of 12 months. Additionally the province will change name to the modern name Johannesburg after gold is discovered.

It can be prevented by either rising to great power status or having at least 10 provinces. It is paramount that Transvaal achieves one of the two before 1886.