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Government type Absolute monarchy
Ruling party Lamaite Faction (Conservative)
Capital Lhasa
Population 769.96k
Primary culture Tibetan
Accepted cultures
Literacy 1.4%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized
Tibet is a vassal of China, but not a substate

Tibet starts the game as a Vassal of China China. It has a large area, but a relatively small population, horrible literacy and no army to speak of. It is however NOT a substate of china like Guangxi Guangxi, Yunnan Yunnan, Xinjiang Xinjiang, Manchuria Manchuria and Qinghai Qinghai. That means that Tibet will not be fully annexed if/when China westernizes, but Tibet will not gain independence when it does. Therefore, there is both less dangers compared to the substates but also less opportunities.

Tibet begins with a very small economy, her only source of income being Cattle.pngcattle. Until Tibet westernizes the player can expect their income to be very limited.

Usually the easiest way to westernize is to conquer other uncivilized nations, but Tibet does not have this possibility. One must therefore break free as soon as possible. The only feasible way to do this is if there is a revolution in Beijing. There is however no way, that the player could provoke this. Reactionaries are however a common sight in China, but one can only prey.

A big part of Tibets playthrough depends on when/if there is a revolution in China.

When Tibet becomes independent, they can attack either Bhutan Bhutan or Panjab Panjab-owned Ladakh Ladakh as they hold POPs of Tibetan culture. Bhutan is by far the easiest target, but also the least valuable.

Tibet in Vanilla

In Vanilla Tibet is a completely independent country, which makes the game a lot easier.