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The destiny of §Statename§

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In a crisis, when temperature hits 100 a war breaks out

The destiny of §Statename§ is the name of very two similar crisis related events. They are very similar to the two events; The §Statename§ Crisis. The effects are the same, but this one is for crises related to the independence of states, while the other is related to colonial crises.

They can happen to all nations currently involved in a liberation crisis. One is for great powers and one is for non great power states, where the crisis in question is about their cores. The choices and effects are slightly different, but other than that they are completely identical.

The mean time to happen is the same for both events. They both have MTTH of 24 months (2 years) which is reduced by 1 year, if the war policy of the government party is jingoism, by 6 months if the war policy is pro military, but increased by 6 months if the war policy is anti military and by 1 year if the war policy is pacifism.

The Great power event

The player has two choices then

1) Rattle our Sabre! which increases crisis temperature by 10 (which can potentially start the crisis war)

2) Fire the fool! which decreases prestige by 15%

The AI will choose option one 95% of the time.

The event for other states

1) Press our claim! which increases crisis temperature by 5

2) Lets not fight over this. which does nothing.

You should choose number two, if a war between backers of each side favours you, or if you think you have gotten the best possible position. The AI has a 70% chance of choosing the first option.