The Trail of Tears

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The Trail of Tears is a decision available to USA USA. The events depicts the forced mass deportation and a genocide on the Native American tribe Cherokee.

It is available when:

  • USA owns
    • Oklahoma City
    • Tahmequah
    • Okmulgee
  • Have an average consciousness of 3.0

Furthermore the decision cannot be taken if Cherokee is independent nation. The three required provinces lie in Oklahoma, which is uncolonized at the start, but can be colonized by USA right away.

All Cherokee POPs which are not living in those three provinces will be reduced 20% in population and moved to those three provinces. They will also lose 1 Militancy and gain 2 consciousness and Cherokee will be added as an accepted culture. On top of that Cherokee Cherokee will lose it's cores on Little Rock and Fayettewill, and gain cores on Oklahoma City, Tahmequah and Okmulgee.