The Polar Bear Purchase

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The Polar Bear Purchase is a unique decision for the tiny Scandinavian nation Jan Mayen Jan Mayen. It is considered an Easter egg.

It requires Jan Mayen to be a secondary power and have at least 4000 ducats. It also requires that Denmark Denmark and Jan Mayen is at peace. Additionally Denmark should own either:

  • At least one province in Greenland
  • Feroe Islands or
  • Iceland Iceland

Denmark owns all of them at the start of the game. It will give Denmark the event The Polar Bear Purchase (event), where it can decide to sell the islands or not.

If they decide to so Jan Mayen will inherit the Islands, the culture of Jan Mayen will switch from Norwegian to Polar Bear (yes, seriously) and all POP's will assimilate to Polar Bear immediately. The portraits of Leaders will be pictures of polar bears and the names could for example be 'GRRRRR' or ROWRRR'.

Decision description

It has long been a troubling fact to the population of Jan Mayen that the world's polar bears are not united under one flag. We Should Approach Denmark and see if they are willing to part with theirs.