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The Forced Emigration of Louis Pio

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The Forced Emigration of Louis Pio is an event for Denmark Denmark following the two events by the name of The First Socialist Movement. Both of those events have to fire. They require that the government is not socialist and that the trade union policy is not 'all allowed'. The event is about one of the most famous Danish socialists, Louis Pio.

In the second event, if the player chooses the first option Lock them up!, this event can fire. It can happen between 1874 and 1879.

It has a mean time to happen of 8 months, which decreases by 25% after 1875, by 5% after 1876 and further 5% after 1878.

The player has two options

1) Pay him off and let's be done with him which gives all POPs in Denmark 1 consciousness and cost 100£

2) let him be which sets trade union policy to 'all allowed' and gives Labourers mini.pnglabourers, Artisans mini.pngartisans, Clerks mini.pngclerks, Craftsmen mini.pngcraftsmen, and Soldiers mini.pngSoldiers 1 consciousness and Capitalists mini.pngcapitalists and Aristocrats mini.pngaristocrats 1 militancy. On the other hand, it decreases militancy for Craftsmen mini.pngcraftsmen and Labourers mini.pnglabourers by 1.

From a purely strategical standpoint, if one considers the second option, one should really not have chosen the option Lock them up in the previous event, since it has almost the same effects, but does not give any additional militancy.

The event cannot happen to Scandinavia Scandinavia.