The Convention of Peking

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The state of Outer Manchuria is out to the sea bordering Korea

The Convention of Peking is an event for China China or Manchuria Manchuria (in Vanilla Manchukuo Manchukuo. It will happen to China, unless Manchuria is independent and not a substate of China. It comes when Russia Russia enacts the decision The Peking Convention. The decision in question can happen, when Russia has sphered Manchuria (in Vanilla China or Manchukuo)

The two possibilities are:

  • We have no choice, sign their treaty secede the state Outer Manchuria to Russia
  • The Czar can go to hell which gives Russia an acquire state Casus Belli by provoking the Russian event China Rejects the Convention! On top of that the relation between China and Russia will decrease by 200 and will decrease Russias diplomatic influence in China by 200.

The AI will almost always take the choice of seceding the state (90% chance to accept). If China decides not to secede the state, one should note that the acquire state casus belli can be used on any Chinese state, and then Russia can use the restore order casus belli afterwards.

Event Description

The Russians have demanded that we acquiesce to their theft of our rightful territory. This is outrageous, but we may have no recourse but to accept their demands. If we do, they shall help ensure our sovereignty vis-à-vis the other Europeans. Also, we may be incapable of defeating them if the Russians decide to resolve this issue by force.