The Benevolent Empire

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The Benevolent Empire is an American event.

It gives 1 plurality and all Farmers mini.pngfarmers, Labourers mini.pnglabourers, Soldiers mini.pngsoldiers, and Artisans mini.pngartisans lose 1 militancy.

It has no requirements other than it has to be between 1837 and 1840. It has a mean time to happen of 5 months, which is reduced by 25% after 1838 and again by 5% after 1839.

Ingame text

One direct impact of the revival of the religious life in USA in the early 19th century would be the explosion in the number of voluntary organisations organized to help improve society by tackling perceived social and moral problems, providing comfort for the less fortunate, or promoting self-help via education. Dubbed 'The Benevolent Empire' by historians, helped provide a community infrastructure to a society rapidly expanding in numbers and being transformed by new economic forces.