The Apache Wars

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The Apache Wars is an American event that starts the event chain simulating The American Apache Wars. The other events in the chain are Apache Raiders and Apprehending Geronimo. It will eventually lead to Native American Minor being added as an accepted culture.

It requires that USA USA owns Las Cruces, New Mexico (ID 105), which is initially owned by Mexico Mexico but can be conquered after manifest destiny. It also requires that the date is after 1840.

It has a mean time to happen of 36 months. Once it fires all Native American Minor POPs in New Mexico will gain 8 militancy and all POPs which are not native American minor (including potentially other Native Americans) will be reduced by 50%.


The New Mexican Apache, led by a man calling himself Victorio, have risen up and massacred several settlers in the state. Provoked by the ever increasing incursions of the white man into territory traditionally considered part of the Apache homeland, Victoria and his band refuse to submit to United States' authority