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Tensions in §statename§

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Tensions in §statename§ is the name of two very similar but distinct events related to crises. The §statename§ is of course replaced by the state in question. They can happen to any nation, that has a core of another nation producing tension. The only difference between the two events is that one is for great powers while the other is for everyone else. The one for great powers reduces prestige by slightly more.

It can happen in any state, where the current tension is between 5 and 90.

It has a mean time to happen of 250 months (roughly 21 years) which is reduced by 125 months, if the war policy of the government party is jingoism, by 62,5 months if the war policy is pro military, but increased by 62,5 months if the war policy is anti military and by 125 months if the war policy is pacifism.

The player has then two choices

  • Of Course Not! which increases tension by 10 in the given state.
  • Maybe we should talk about this... which reduces the nations prestige by 15% if the nation is a great power and by 10% if the nation is not a great power.

The event cannot start a crisis on its own, as it can only happen at the most at 89% tension, only bringing the tension to 99%.

The AI will choose option 1 95% of the time, chosen at random.