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{{{1}}} {{{2}}}
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A template for lists of materials, e.g. build/supply requirements for units. If used in a table cell, it must be placed on its own line, as in the example below; putting it on the same line as other cells leads to broken table markup.

This template supports up to 5 pairs of arguments. Each pair consists of an amount (e.g. 10) and a good (e.g. Canned Food). The goods are presented with the amounts, icon, and name each horizontally aligned.


{| class="wikitable"
! Unit
! Build cost
! Supply cost
| {{icon|Infantry}} Infantry
| {{materials|10|Wool|10|Canned Food}}
| {{materials|0.012|Small Arms|0.075|Ammunition|0.07|Canned Food}}


Unit Build cost Supply cost
Infantry.png Infantry
10 Wool.png Wool
10 Resource canned food.png Canned Food
0.012 Resource small arms.png Small Arms
0.075 Resource ammunition.png Ammunition
0.07 Resource canned food.png Canned Food