Temperance League

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Temperance League is a general event, which can happen to any civilized nation, that does not follow the Shiite.pngshiite or Sunni.pngsunni religion. An organisation against the consumption of Alcohol has been formed. There are two sets of conditions, under which it can happen: 1) if the poor POPs (Farmers mini.pngfarmers, Labourers mini.pnglabourers, Soldiers mini.pngSoldiers, Slaves mini.pngslaves and Craftsmen mini.pngcraftsmen) does not have at least 90% of their needs fulfilled, or 2) it has not happened before.

It has a mean time to happen of 400 months, which is decreased by 40 months if the poor POPs does not have at least 90% of their life needs fulfilled, again by 40 months if the country has a stash of at least 50 liquor, and again by 40 months of average consciousness is below 5. On the other hand, it is increased by 200 months if the average consciousness is above 5.

The event leaves the player two choices: 1) What's wrong with a few drinks? *hiccup which gives -0.01 prestige pr. month and -5% mining and farming efficiency. 2) An excellent Initiative! which gives 0.01 prestige pr. month and 5% mining and farming efficiency, -5% everyday need for poor citizens, but on the other hand 0.01 militancy pr. month.

Both effects last for the rest of the game, or until the event reoccures and the other choice is taken.

It does not actually do anything to the POPs consumption of Resource wine.pngwine and Resource liquor.pngliquor.

On top of that, the second choice makes the decision Liquor Prohibition possible.