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A Justification of War not always give you infamy. It based on a event (not exactly) that is less likely to happen the shorter the time for the justification is, and that event determines how much infamy you get (anything from full infamy to 0.0 infamy) based in the current progress of the justification and some random element. It does not have to happen at all.

Also, the time for a justification of a casus belli is determined by you current efficiency and the base value of the specific CB, NOT a static value.

I would add it myself if I had an idea of how that can be worded in a clear way. ---A contributor

I think it involves the following values (from defines.lua):

  • CREATED_CB_VALID_TIME = 12, -- how many months
  • CB_GENERATION_SPEED_BONUS_ON_COLONY_COMPETITION = 1.0, -- speed bonus when 2 countries compete for colony province
  • CB_GENERATION_SPEED_BONUS_ON_COLONY_COMPETITION_TROOPS_PRESENCE = 1.0, -- even bigger bonus when having troops in the province
  • CB_DETECTION_CHANCE_BASE = 15, -- chance out of 1000 every day
  • months = 12 (from cb_types.txt)

However i will not be able to research this, as I made a CB created in less than a week through modding

General WVPM 7:25, 3 April 2013 (UTC)